Stop Annoying "Do you want to scan and fix" Dialog

I recently purchased a Windows 7 license and did a clean installation. Everything was perfectly fine except one thing:  whenever i plugged my iPod or any USB storage devices, win7 keeps asking me “Do you want to scan and fix” …..

I found a solution for this. It’s simple.

– Plug your device. “Do you want ..” windows message appears. Just leave it there for now.

– Press the combination “Windows + R” to open the run dialog box. Type in cmd to open command line. Issue the command “chkdsk e: /f“. As for me, the usb storage device is mounted on E:, change it as where it’s mounted in your windows.

– You should perform this action once for each of your usb storage device, iPod and you won’t have to see that annoying windows dialog “scan and fix” again.

P.S: This supposed to work for Vista as well.

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