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HTTP Tunnel Solution for Mac OS X

Mac OS X shipped with a pre-installed version of OpenSSH so you don’t have to look for a http tunnel utility.

In order to create a http tunnel, simply open your Terminal app and issue the command below:

ssh -D port-number username@server-ip-address

in which port-number is the port number of your PC that you want to bind.  Domain name can be used instead of server IP address.

To fake IP, simply use that you specified in the command above.

Speed Download and Chrome Integration

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How to Cut/Paste in Finder

Hold Command button while drag and drop your files/folders between different partitions to perform Cut and Paste. This will remove the sources files after copying is done.

Change default window size of Finder

Go to Finder, select a new folder window from the File menu. Hold down Option key as you drag to resize.

How to remove scratches from iPhone/iTouch

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iPhone/iTouch owners should read this or save for later use.

ymsgr protocol

Installing Yahoo Messenger will also install an extra URI handler in some browser to handle URIs like “ymsgr:”. You can think of this like “mailto:” URI scheme. Below are some example of using this URI scheme.

ymsgr:addfriend? Example: ymsgr:addfriend?myid
ymsgr:sendfile? Example: ymsgr:sendfile?myid
via Wikipedia

You can play little trick with Yahoo Messenger status by replace the link in your status by “ymsgr:-kill”. If your friend clicked on your status, it will immediately exit Yahoo Messenger.

How to uninstall an Adobe Air based App in Ubuntu?

#1 Open Terminal and Find the name of the package you want to install by issuing the following command

dpkg –list | grep -i package_name

e.g. : I want to uninstall TumblWeed App. So i typed in my terminal:

dpkg –list | grep -i tumblweed

#2 The result after the above command look like this:

ii com.adobe.example.tumblweed.4de7482c14055ead00e76b98c6c45679e421790b.11.03                                         A Tumblr desktop client for those that can’t blah blah ….

The bold name above is the actual package name.
#3 It’s easy now. You can simply uninstall the package by typing in your terminal:

sudo dpkg -r ‘com.adobe.example.tumblweed.4de7482c14055ead00e76b98c6c45679e421790b.1‘

Done !!!