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All PopCap Mac Games for only $50

13 games from PopCap for just $50? No kidding?

PopCap is currently offering a “complete pack” of games for Mac for a limited time for just $49.95. This promotion pack comprised of 13 games: beside two great hits Bejeweled 2, Plants Vs. Zombies, there are Chuzzle, Mystery P.I.: Lost in L.A., Zuma, Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret, Zuma’s Revenge, Iggle Pop, Peggle, Escape Rosecliff Island, Peggle Nights, Feeding Frenzy, and Bookworm.

These games normally cost $19.95 to $29.95 so $50 for 13 games is a great deal. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead to PopCap Store and grab it as it is still available.

The Complete Pack Games for Mac

Give me something to read

Human theme to be dropped in Lucid

Starcraft 2 Beta running in Wine

Google Chrome for Linux finally hits beta

Chrome for Linux finally hits beta.

Well, it’s still beta, and it doesn’t have all the features as Windows version yet, but it’s kinda stable.

One more thing: if you’ve already installed the dev channel version, you may need to uninstall that before installing the beta version — we tried to make that work smoothly, but a few rough edges remain — via Chromium Blog

Chrome Extensions Gallery opens

Google Public DNS

In its effort to organize the world’s information, Google is offering to handle your DNS lookups.

If you want to try using Google Public DNS, simply change your DNS servers to or

Google Chrome OS Event

We’re here today to talk about Google Chrome OS. We aren’t launching it today and not beta today. But we’ve made progress. As of today the code will be completely open. We’re excited to announce this.

You can view the event live from here.

There are some notable info:

– EVERY applications will be web-based applications. Users can’t install binaries.

You CAN’T install Chrome OS on your machine. You will have to buy a Chrome OS machine. Also, Chrome OS does not operate on a normal Hard Disk. It will only support solid-state drives and certain types of WiFi cards.

– The root partition will be read-only! Basically, it’s like a PC running DeepFreeze. That means, if you break the system, all you have to do is restarting and everything will be up and running again.

– Android apps will not run on Chrome OS, at least not in the near future.

Google Chrome OS UI Concept Video

For full article, you can read it on Webupd8