All PopCap Mac Games for only $50

13 games from PopCap for just $50? No kidding?

PopCap is currently offering a “complete pack” of games for Mac for a limited time for just $49.95. This promotion pack comprised of 13 games: beside two great hits Bejeweled 2, Plants Vs. Zombies, there are Chuzzle, Mystery P.I.: Lost in L.A., Zuma, Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret, Zuma’s Revenge, Iggle Pop, Peggle, Escape Rosecliff Island, Peggle Nights, Feeding Frenzy, and Bookworm.

These games normally cost $19.95 to $29.95 so $50 for 13 games is a great deal. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead to PopCap Store and grab it as it is still available.

The Complete Pack Games for Mac

Doug Bowman on the New Icon for Twitter for iPhone

Twitter lead designer Doug Bowman, responding on Dribbble to a proposed more-Tweetie-like icon for the newly rebranded Twitter for iPhone:

The best version used more blue for the bird, but retained the exact same silver color of Tweetie’s icon. I thought it was the best choice of everything we had. For several reasons I won’t go into, we opted for the version the app uses now. via Dribbble

I didn’t upgrade Tweetie as long they keep this ugly blue icon.

Skype for Linux support SMS

Since when, Skype for Linux support SMS?? I recently found it out when i tried Skype again today. : (

skype for linux

More on iPhone Apps Worth Checking Out

Back in April, i wrote a blog post about my iTouch home screen. Today, i would like to share with you guys some more apps i found which are (i think) worth checking out.

# TaskPaper ($4.99): another brilliant app from author of WriteRoom – Jesse Grosjean. TaskPaper is something mix of Things and WriteRoom. Not really a GTD app but much more powerful than a note app. Read the review on Smoking Apples and you’ll know what TaskPaper is capable of.

# Textie (Free with ads): great app from atebits – the creator of Tweetie (purchased by Twitter Inc. and changed its name to Twitter for iPhone). A great solution for free texting with your friends.

# Soosiz ($1.99): A 2D platformer Mario-styled game. Note: you might get dizzy a bit at first ;)

More games? Check out Flight Control, Cliffed. Be careful, they are hightly addictive.

Give me something to watch ; )

Extraordinary Pantene Commercial Clip (An interesting commercial clip from Pantene)

I’m Yours – cover (The girl in this clip looks pretty cute)

New Wonder Girl ?

Thai Life Insurance (A touching clip)

How to remove scratches from iPhone/iTouch

via OSXDaily

iPhone/iTouch owners should read this or save for later use.

Glee Cast, The Music Collection

I gotta say I’m a huge fan of Glee. Most of the soundtracks from this TV Show are awesome. I’m really impressed with all members of the cast. If you’re a fan of HSM, be sure to check this out.

Glee Cast: The Music, Vol 1
Glee Cast: The Music, Vol 2
Glee Cast: The Music, Vol 3 – Showstoppers

Drop me a line if the links are dead. I will reupload it ;)

Google pac-man’s source code available on GitHub

Play live demo or check out its source code on GitHub

My must-have apps for iPhone/iPod Touch

# Mail, Mobie Safari, Music: built-in Apple stuff that i can’t afford to slide to next screen. I have to confess i rarely use iPod Spotlight so i must rely on first page to access my frequently used apps.
# Tweetie 2 ($2.99) : An awesome Twitter client from atebits.
# Things ($9.99): A beautiful, simple todo list. Things offers yet simplicity and ease-of-use with powerful features. Sync wirelessly with desktop version of Things. A little bit pricey though.
# Reeder ($2.99): The best Google Reader app i found on Apps Store.
# Facebook, Yahoo Messenger (free) : I use Facebook and Yahoo Messenger to stay connected with my friends. Both apps come with Push supported.
# Ninjawords ($1.99) : A well-designed dictionary app, recommended by John Grubber
# WriteRoom ($4.99) : a distraction free writing environment with clean interface and notes free sync feature via
# Stanza (free) : An awesome ebooks reader.
# tumblr gear (free) : because official Tumblr app suck.
# Momento ($2.99) : An secret diary with password protection. Momento connects with popular social networking services like Twitter, Facebook, etc… and display your online activity as part of your diary.
# Moneybook ($2.99) : A great app to manage your monthly budget.
# Outside ($2.99) : Great interface of ideal looking outside the window to check weather.

ymsgr protocol

Installing Yahoo Messenger will also install an extra URI handler in some browser to handle URIs like “ymsgr:”. You can think of this like “mailto:” URI scheme. Below are some example of using this URI scheme.

ymsgr:addfriend? Example: ymsgr:addfriend?myid
ymsgr:sendfile? Example: ymsgr:sendfile?myid
via Wikipedia

You can play little trick with Yahoo Messenger status by replace the link in your status by “ymsgr:-kill”. If your friend clicked on your status, it will immediately exit Yahoo Messenger.