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Microsoft: Google Chrome Frame makes IE less secure

via Ars Technica

Google acquires reCAPTCHA

Google acquires reCAPTCHA via Official Google BLog

Bing 2.0 Coming This Fall?

As the tweets of many Microsoft’s employees, we will see a major update of Bing as early as next week.

“BING 2.0 terrific,” enthused another.

“Watch out guys ! bing + silverlight in maps = amazing !! goodbye google.”

Here’s all the spokesperson would say:

“We’re very excited about some of the new Bing features set to roll out over the next few months, but have nothing to announce today.”

On the other hand, Microsoft has swiftly declined the rumor saying Bing paid to the keyword “pornography” to be appear on Google Search results. (via CNET)