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My must-have apps for iPhone/iPod Touch

# Mail, Mobie Safari, Music: built-in Apple stuff that i can’t afford to slide to next screen. I have to confess i rarely use iPod Spotlight so i must rely on first page to access my frequently used apps.
# Tweetie 2 ($2.99) : An awesome Twitter client from atebits.
# Things ($9.99): A beautiful, simple todo list. Things offers yet simplicity and ease-of-use with powerful features. Sync wirelessly with desktop version of Things. A little bit pricey though.
# Reeder ($2.99): The best Google Reader app i found on Apps Store.
# Facebook, Yahoo Messenger (free) : I use Facebook and Yahoo Messenger to stay connected with my friends. Both apps come with Push supported.
# Ninjawords ($1.99) : A well-designed dictionary app, recommended by John Grubber
# WriteRoom ($4.99) : a distraction free writing environment with clean interface and notes free sync feature via SimpleText.ws
# Stanza (free) : An awesome ebooks reader.
# tumblr gear (free) : because official Tumblr app suck.
# Momento ($2.99) : An secret diary with password protection. Momento connects with popular social networking services like Twitter, Facebook, etc… and display your online activity as part of your diary.
# Moneybook ($2.99) : A great app to manage your monthly budget.
# Outside ($2.99) : Great interface of ideal looking outside the window to check weather.