How-to: Downgrade iTunes 9 to iTunes 8 on Mac OS X

Recently, i wrote a short article about iTunes 9’s new features. I’m happy with those new features but some people, they don’t. So  here’s how you can bring your iTunes 8 back.

This short tutorial only works for Mac OS X. Windows-people just have to simply uninstall iTunes 9 and re-install with iTunes 8.

  • First, quit iTunes 9. Then go to Applications folder and delete iTunes 9.
  • Go to your ~/Music/iTunes folder. In there, you will see a file “iTunes Library”. Delete or rename it.
  • Go to “Previous iTunes Libraries”, there is one backup file of old iTunes library. Copy it to ~/Music/iTunes and rename it to “iTunes Library”.
  • Go to Apple Website and grab iTunes 8, then execute the installer.

Your iTunes 8 should be back and running by now.

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